Chuck McKeown

Office: 660-263-1789
Cell: 660-651-6889

Traci Harlan

Office Manager

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Hillary Appling

Closing Coordinator

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Randy Asbury

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Cell: 573-823-7906

Brittany Boyer

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Darlene Briggs

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Don Burton

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Michael Cunningham

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Vicky Davis

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Wayne Dunwoody

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Wanda Finnigan

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Lonnie Holder

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Sharon Hunt

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Kelsey Jeffries

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Leslie Joseph

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Greg McCluskey

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Debbie Miller

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Dale Moore

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Miller Owings

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Shari Pretz

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Stefanie Riley

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Doug Sharp

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Julie Swisegood-Green

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Chris Weaver

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Kenny Wemhoff

Office: 660-263-1789
Cell: 660-651-1366

Customer Testimonials

  • The Century 21 Staff made the selling of Mom's house easy, guiding me through each step required. They were all professional, caring and exceptional.

    L.V. - Higbee MO
  • Our agent made us feel special and loved, and gave us pickles! We will recommend her to everyone!

    S.Y. - Moberly
  • Our agent kept us informed of any updates promptly and came to our house multiple times to accommodate our busy schedule. He went above and beyond to make the deal happen with the buyer being out of state.

    A.B. - Moberly MO
  • We feel the Century 21 staff provided excellent service. Additional viewings, answers to questions, valuable references and friendly, polite attitudes.

    K.G. - Salisbury MO
  • They handled everything perfectly - we had few delays - everything was good!

    A.Y. - Moberly MO
  • Our agent was just amazing. She made the experience easy and smooth! I don't know what I would have done without her!

    E.C. - Huntsville MO
  • Everything progressed smoothly. Our check arrived rapidly. We had nothing but positive outcomes. Our agent is the best. Our thanks also to all the staff that showed our property, especially the agent that found the right buyer. It was a job well done.

    R.R. - Salisbury MO
  • We were 150 miles away and dealing long distance was absolutely no issue. Our agent made it so simple for us, it was like we were right there. Totally perfect from the minute we stepped out of the car to view the property for the first time to the minute we left the closing. She went above and beyond keeping us updated, no matter the time of day!

    D.M. - New to the area
  • My agent was always helpful and very patient in my search. He didn't always agree with my decisions, but stood by me all the way.

    C.D. - Moberly MO
  • My agent referred me to a lender when others were not willing to help. She was always available when I called.

    R.Y. - Moberly MO
  • The closing process was exceptional. It was helpful to have a closing coordinator. I felt confident going in to the closing. Any concerns and questions were quickly handled by the coordinator and our agent.

    B.G. - Jacksonville MO
  • The agent explained the whole process of what goes into buying a home. She went above and beyond to help my family and I find our dream home!

    D.S. - Cairo MO
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